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 Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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  • Are you a Primary or Post primary Teacher or Principal looking to offer additional support to your RSE, SPHE or Wellbeing program?
  • Do you worry that you may not have sufficient time or resources to meet the needs of all your students?

What if you could offer additional menstrual-cycle support

as part of your programme?

Support that would

Help them to:

  • Begin to take ownership of their bodies as they move through such a pivotal stage of their lives,
  • Gracefully ease into and flow through their adolescent years,
  • Understand the influence their cycle has on their everyday lives, and
  • Strengthen the mind-body connection.
  • Every month, 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate, yet menstruation is still very much stigmatized and misunderstood world-wide. 
  • It really is time that we started to change the narrative on this, and begin to empower our children and teens with the knowledge and tools so many of us never had growing up.
  • Maybe you can relate?  You weren’t taught enough on such an important topic growing up? Maybe you’ve noticed a change in some of your students and would like to support them, but time and resources aren’t on your side?
  • Perhaps, you don’t know how to approach, or aren’t comfortable with this subject? Or maybe, your curriculum or plan doesn’t explore menstrual health in great detail?

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

So many young girls move through their early menstruating years with very little support on their menstrual cycle.  For many, this can ripple through to many aspects and areas of their lives, and have massive affects on:

Potential impacts of puberty on teens

Young girls may quietly be labouring under the effects that the changes to their bodies are having on them.

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The lack of awareness, education and the stigma that surrounds menstruation can result in a high level of absenteeism for many young menstruating girls.  Missing days can result negatively on grades and this has the potential of them falling behind and in some cases even dropping out of school.  In a 2018 study (Plan international), 61% or girls surveyed in Ireland missed school as a direct result of their period

Mental health

Fluctuating hormones and the lack of education around how to support the body through good nutrition or mindful practices. The physical discomfort that accompanies menstruation can increase psychological distress and irritability, and reduce self-esteem. Many will also experience increased internal conflicts and reduced social engagement pre and during menstruation.


By the age of 13, up to 50% of young girls drop out of sport.  The onset of puberty, changing bodies, menstruation and issues related to self-image have all been cited as reasons to drop out.

Potential health issues

Period poverty is a real issue.  Many young women and older women nowadays cannot afford menstrual health products to meet their monthly needs.  Unsanitary conditions and makeshift sanitary products have the potential to cause serious health issues!  As well as this, social norms and stigmas surrounding menstruation set off an early pattern of linking menstruation as being dirty and shameful = less discussion, more suffering and hiding for so many.

Have you ever considered;

How a girls’ menstrual cycle might impact her daily life not only at home, but also in school and in your classroom also?  Maybe you’ve noticed:

  • A regular pattern of absenteeism from certain students in your class?
  • Students refusing to participate in sports and other activities?
  • A change in personality, or their usual spark seems a little dull every now and again?
  • A reduced standard of work that comes in waves?
  • Some students display a reduced attention span that seems to have become cyclical?

Let me introduce you to Blossom!  A workshop and programme that I have put SO much Love and Energy into, where I have done, and will do all the work for YOU and your students! A course that addresses all of the above, plus more and, a course that has been needed for a very long time!

Blossom Workshops are designed to:

  • To empower your students to develop their own sense of self identity,
  • To allow your students to begin to understand and develop body autonomy, confidence and acceptance,
  • To take away any worries you have about approaching such a sensitive topic,
  • To help end the stigma attached to menstruation and invite open dialogue around such an important phase of so many young girls’ lives, and of course;
  • Lovingly, from my own personal experiences, years of studies, and years of classroom and clinical experience and observations.

What’s included in Blossom?

Blosson is designed for Primary and Post Primary students

Post-Primary workshop and programme

In this workshop/programme we explore:

  • The female body and the physical and mental changes experienced through adolescence,
  • The menstrual cycle in great detail e.g. The phases of the cycle, vaginal discharge, menstrual products, Menstrual issues plus lots more,
  • How to track your menstrual cycle,
  • Living in tune with your menstrual cycle,
  • Caring for myself throughout my cycle – physically and mentally.
  • In this programme we also explore diet, lifestyle and the mindful practices to support the menstrual cycle.

Primary workshop and programme

In this workshop/programme we explore:

  • What is puberty – the Physical and Mental changes,
  • The female body from top to toe,
  • Common signs you’re moving through puberty e.g. breast development, hair growth,
  • What is a period? Signs your period is coming and how to prepare. What to do when I get my period,
  • Celebrating my period,
  • An introduction to living in tune with the menstrual cycle,
  • Age appropriate Lifestyle and Mindful practices to support the menstrual cycle.


I’m Colette

My name is Colette and I am the founder and creator of Blossom, a course and programme designed to educate, support and empower young females through puberty and their menstrual cycles.

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist, primarily supporting women with menstrual issues, a Post-Primary Home Economics teacher, with 18 years combined training and classroom experience, as well as a holistic therapist of Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Therapy and a breathwork facilitator…

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There has never been any real support, and there is still a massive disconnect for females as they move through their early menstrual years and into their adult lives.  There is no solid support to teach them how to really tune in and understand their bodies or their cycle to the degree that is really needed.  The lack of education, understanding and resources has meant that many young females, and grown women, have suffered unnecessarily (and still do), due to their lack of understanding of their bodies functions and needs.  So many females have entered their early menstruating and adult years without any real support or knowledge on how their bodies are really supposed to feel, how diet and lifestyle choices, medications and everyday products can affect not only their everyday lives, but their cycle too.

Blossom workshops, programmes and talks are designed to shift the mindset and end the stigma attached to menstrual and female health, whilst also offering a safe space with accurate and direct information. I have put my heart and soul into creating and developing Blossom and understand and see the need for such important conversations and support for our teens and tweens.  I have designed Blossom in such a way that young females feel confident, empowered, accepting, and excited to move through such an important phase of their lives with so much knowledge, understanding and compassion for themselves (even if it is just a talk they attend). They will leave with a better understanding of themselves, physically and mentally, and will have plenty of tools to take with them, to apply to their everyday lives and support them in whatever phase of their cycle they may be in.

If you would like to chat more or find out how I can support students in your school, fill in the enquiry form below and I will get back to you.  You may also find some of your queries answered in the F.A.Q. section below.


Colette x



I would love for you to be as fully informed about Blossom. Below are the questions I am most frequently asked. But also feel free to contact me if you need more information.

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Who is this workshop/programme suitable for?

Blossom is suitable for 11-18 year olds.  The workshop/programme will be adapted depending on the age group and also the needs of your students.

Can this Workshop/programme be adapted for third level?

Absolutely! Blossom is designed to be accessible to all.  I mainly work with females aged 24-50 in my nutritional clinic and have a broad understanding of the needs of many age groups.  Adaptations to the workshop/programme can be made to include different methods of delivery, different mindfulness techniques e.g. breathwork, we can delve deeper into cyclical living, plus so much more!

What if I have more than 30 students and have a large group of transition year students?

Workshops and programmes are kept small to provide a safe, nurturing environment for all students.  Methods of delivery, activities and practices implemented throughout the workshop/programme are designed for smaller groups in mind.  If you have a larger group and would like to book, we suggest you get in touch to discuss options.

Is this workshop/programme gender neutral?

Blossom is designed with menstruating females at the core, however, we do our best when delivering workshops and programmes to remain gender neutral and to respect all students and staff.  Reference may be made to the female body and certain terms used throughout the course of the workshop/programme with no ill intentions behind, bar that they are based on anatomical and medical literature.  Blossom is all inclusive.

How will Blossom support my RSE/SPHE/Wellbeing programme?

Blossom aims to add an additional layer to your RSE/SPHE/Wellbeing programme, and explore menstruation in much more detail.  It aims to promote and encourage; self-awareness, self-esteem and self-worth within every participant.  Explores the changing body in great detail – from a physical and wellbeing perspective. Delves into the importance of a healthy diet and how it can influence not only the menstrual cycle but many other aspects of health too.  To find out more, get in touch and we will answer any of your questions.

Is this programme available to clubs?

If you are part of a sports team or club and would like to speak in person, please get in touch.  With such a high drop out of sports when menstruation begins, it’s so important to be aware and ready to support your team and members as best as you can.

Do you offer similar workshops or programmes to companies or smaller institutes?

Yes, we do! Whilst Blossom has been designed with young menstruating females at the core, it can be adapted to suit the needs of any age group, company or institute.