InVideo-Unlimited Private account

$15 per month for a private Invideo-Unlimited account. $7 Set-up fee on the first payment.


1. Private account with Invideo login.
2. Unlimited downloads
4. Unlimited access to Shutterstock images and Storyblocks video’s
5. 15 minute maximum video length
6. All future Invideo updates
7. Branding at Video level – Not account level


1. Up to 48 hours delay between your payment and InVideo sending your access details, to allow for a partially manual set-up process
2. You cannot use an email address that you may have previously used with Invideo, even for a trail account. You may have to create an email address for this, for example a gmail address.
3. Your first log-in must be via a desktop or laptop. Subsequent log-ins may be from any device.
4. There are 120 Istock videos available in the overarching team account. These can be used on a first come first serve basis.



1. You will have your own log-in directly to InVideo. Your Technical support queries must be directed directly to InVideo Support
2. The facebook forum ‘VideoProducingClub’ can be queried for general product use advice.
3. Limited tutorials will be created or gathered and housed on this website.


Refund policy

We are assuming that you have already trialled Invideo via their sales pages. At the prices on offer refunds cannot be offered. You can cancel any time with no further commitment.