Did you fall for the one-trick-pony story?

You simply cannot service businesses with a comprehensive suite of video products with one tool. On this page, I suggest a few inexpensive add-ons that will make your offering much wider.


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I often use the analogy of a one-trick pony. Vidnami, Viddyoze, etc, they all market themselves as the ultimate one-stop / Suggesting that you need nothing else to make comprehensive videos and start your video business. That’s marketing speak, and untrue nonsense. They all have limitations in what you can do.

So if you really want to make comprehensive videos you need multiple tools and you need to edit externally to these apps.

Viddyoze is like the icing on the cake. It is wonderful for intros and outros and titles, overlays and transitions. But you can’t make a whole cake with just icing. Many Viddyoze users try, and really, the results look a bit stupid.

Vidnamy allows you to make a more substantial cake, with footage, extended music soundtracks, subtitles, Voice to text, text to voice and logo watermarks. But you can’t even get the animations in Storyblocks to show up in Vidnami because their agreement does not include .MOV files or after effects animations. And PS, Vidnami’s music search is pathetic.

So to answer your question. If I had only one tool I’d rather just have Vidnami, but I strongly advocate having both, and in fact, I would throw Magisto in the mix to really pad out a toolbox. For a really easy way to get appropriate and superb music tracks, you cannot beat Melod.ie.

There are links on this page to the apps that I mention. Check them out. 

Ps. My personal opinion and preference at this time: I would not spend money or time on tools like Doodly or any other drawing or Avitar or handwriting tools. Certainly not for marketing purposes anyway. In my opinion, this degrades a brand and makes them appear that they did not have any real budget to spend on their marketing. This is just my opinion, don’t be offended, please.

If I did use such tools it will be sparingly, and woven into other mediums, hopefully tastefully. For training videos or product support videos I might concede that these easy options are appropriate. But I will not recommend such videos to clients to market their services or brand.