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As videographers, we may produce longer than usual videos with larger file-types than your usual Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok story. You may find it a bit problematic to load your videos to Instagram posts, reels or IGTV. 

Or you may just prefer to do everything from your desktop, where you do your editing and save your files.

As standard, you cannot post videos to Instagram from your desktop.

Recently I discovered this service called Lately social. It used to be free but now there is a small fee. But still, the effort saved in not having to try and do things from your phone make this program rather handy! It includes features like posting to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter all in one go, immediately or as scheduled posts.

Instagram also doesn’t cater for you to upload thumbnails. It simply takes the first frame of your video, which may not always appear nicely, or fit in with your chosen Instagram theme. This short tutorial demonstrates how to create and pre-install a thumbnail for the video that you want to upload to Instagram.