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After years of editing in Premiere Pro, I am jumping ship! Read more why I am doing this


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Read why I am dumping Premiere and Viddyoze

I have used Premiere Pro for years and yes of course I am a fan. I have often wondered, with all these online apps, if this beast is not lacking a few fancy features. (Or if they are in there if I will ever find them)

First I found Kapwing, an online tool with dozens of handy editing things you can do, for free, and it is dead easy too. Nice! But many of their tools are individual bits so sometimes a complete workflow can feel a bit cumbersome.

Then Vidnami drops their ‘We are selling to Godaddy, no less, and you won’t have service for a few months’¬†bombshell! Sending thousands of us scurrying for alternatives.

So I found WeVideo. Yes, it is a linear editor, for those of you who Vidnami have rendered lazy! But you can do so much more in a multi-layered editor!

There are a dozen tasks that I believe to be essential if you want to make videos that are versatile. Premiere has it, of course, but so does WeVideo, and it is so much easier to learn and do.

WeVideo also contains templates and transitions and StoryBlocks clips right there, easy to search on and drop on the timeline.

You can also swap from Landscape to Square to Vertical or have them all if you plan for it.

As this is a training site I will post more on some practical process steps to make your workflow easy, using WeVideo.

Check out the video on this page to see for yourself why an ardent Premiere Pro User has decided to take this seismic leap. 

There’s a link to check out WeVideo, and a link to return to the conversation in Facebook.