Easy scriptwriting for any purpose

Many people, because they don’t have a better way, always start writing about their service to product. There is a better way that talks directly to the issues your prospect are facing.


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When writing for the sake of marketing, this easy way of writing can be found all over the internet.

Stick to these four points and keep them in mind at all times when you are:

  • Writing email copy
  • Writing for a landing page
  • Writing a script for a video
  • Writing for print

Simply identify clearly who you are addressing. As a result, the incorrect people will turn away, while the proper people will sit up. To pique their interest, discuss a common problem they confront. (Not your product or service). Then elicit desire by asking what it would be like for them if better conditions were their reality. And then ask them to take action.

This simple little method works for so many purposes.