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1.       It’s considered normal for 3 out of every 4 teenage girls to experience PMS!  Crazy when you think about it really!

2.       Periods are not regular for most teens when they begin menstruating.  It can take 3-5 years for periods to become regular for some girls!

3.       The average length of a period bleed is 3-5 days, this can however range from 2-7 days for some females.

4.       The common signs that puberty has begun include; Breast development, Hair Growth, Periods begin.

5.       In a UK study, it was found that up to 49% of girls have missed school because of their period.

6.       (You will find your quiz answers in much more detail on the PDF I have created for you).

Puberty can be a challenging time for many, not just for the kids, but for parents too.  It can be a lonely and isolating time for some parents, while for others, it may seem like a total walk in the park, with perhaps a few curve balls thrown in along the way.

Imagine having regular email support pop into your inbox, from someone with 18 years experience of working with teens, to help guide you through this transition, support for not only your daughter but you too!

I don’t want to give away too much about what I have installed for you… but, having spent years in the classroom, and my own clinical experience, I have observed how little support or help is available to parents/guardians during this life-defining phase of their tween/teens life! These years of observations have afforded me years of developing solutions to this very issue, so… Watch this space!!  (I’m so excited to share what I’ve got coming, it’s really difficult not to blurt it all out right here and now!!)

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